Registration Entry Fee Due Date: EXTENDED DEADLINE FOR 2022 SEASON: 

- 25% of total entry fees due by January 15th, 2022  

- 25%  of total entry fees due by February 15th, 2022 

- Balance of fees due 30 days in advance of scheduled competition event weekend.

Early Bird Registration: December 15, 2021. Save 5% off the total amount of your registration fees exceeding $2000 per location. (one month prior to deadline)


NOTE: All studios MUST request a reservation by email before registering online for any Breakthru Dance Challenge locations. Studios that register online without receiving email confirmation for attendance, are not guaranteed a spot at Breakthru Dance Challenge events.

NOTE: Studio entries will NOT be permitted to perform unless all studio fees/outstanding balances are paid in full before the competition date.

NOTE: All music must be uploaded on Dancebug website at least two weeks before competition event start date. Backup studio USB's/Master CD's must be brought on first competition day of event.



  • Registration fees are only payable in full (less discount if applicable) by studio cheque, certified cheque or money order to our full name: Breakthru Dance Challenge Inc.

  • A charge of $30 for NSF cheques will apply and entries may be returned if fees are not collected within seven (7) business days.

  • Breakthru Dance Challenge Inc. reserves the right to refuse studio entries at their discretion in which case fees will be refunded.

  • ***Once our final PROGRAM FOR PRINT is released (final schedule for event weekend) No refunds will be issued for any other reason except injury, (accompanied by a doctor’s note) as well as COVID illness (accompanied with a positive test result) and only as credit to future BDC events.

  • ***NEW COVID 19 PANDEMIC POLICY: In the instance that COVID 19 government mandated restrictions are still in place by our first event date for our 2022 season, and that we are unable to proceed as planned with our dance competitions at that time, all studio fees will be refunded in full for the 2022 season. 

  • Age of competitor is determined by December 31, 2021. For a routine of 3 or more dancers the average age is determined by adding the ages of all competitors divided by the number of competitors in the performance and drop the decimal. Competitors are entered into their age category or the next highest age level.

  • Teachers are responsible for providing proof of age in the event of an age discrepancy of a competitor.

  • Competitors cannot compete against themselves in the same category. In the event that a performer has two or more routines in the same category, they must compete in one age category (level) higher, or a different genre (Dance form).

  • No independent entries accepted.

  • A studio must enter a minimum of 5 group entries to be eligible for an overall award.

  • Entries will not be accepted at the competition.

  • Entries changed at the actual event will NOT be refunded under any circumstances.

  • Dancers in the Major division with 2 or more solos automatically qualify for the “Top Soloist Award”. The average score will be taken to determine the top soloist. *The Soloist Award is only applicable if there are 2 or more soloist competitors in that age division.

  • If a soloist places more than once (ie. Two of their solos rank in the top 3 Solo Overalls) in their overall division, only their highest marking routine will be placed.

  • All award money is awarded by cheque made to the studio totalling the full winning amount and mailed out 3-5 business days after the event. Scholarships are awarded directly to the recipient.

  • Limited entries are on a first-come, first-serve basis and secured with a deposit and/or registration fees to ensure adherence to the schedule. A reservation is NOT guaranteed unless a deposit has been made.

  • Time limits will be strictly enforced. There is a 1 (one) point deduction for every 10 seconds over.

  • Any discrepancies regarding time limits or age categories are to be brought to the attention of Breakthru Dance Challenge at least one hour prior to the corresponding (following) awards ceremony of the routine in question.

  • Breakthru Dance Challenge Inc. reserves the right to combine or divide class categories (two age levels within the same discipline of dance). A minimum number of entries is required for overall awards. We reserve the rights to combine the category or age division.

  • Pro-Am (20+) and Adult (20+) are not eligible for overall awards.

  • A mark of silver or higher must be attained to achieve first place for individual category entries.

  • Production and Overtime/Extended Line routines must attain a mark of silver or higher to be considered for an overall award.

  • Overtime/Extended Line routines that exceed 6 min. in total (including set up time), will be automatically changed to Production.

  • A limit of 5 acro tricks are permitted in other styles of dance (as specified on the Performance Division & Dance Form page). (Hips over shoulders 180 degree revolution) Every trick thereafter will be deducted 2 points at judges discretion.

  • No Acro in Ballet or Pointe categories.

  • Tap tracks are not permitted in tap categories.

  • All dancers must perform at least 50% of routine with exception of Production category. If a dancer is absent the teacher must notify a Breakthru Dance Challenge team member who will then notify the judges prior to the routine.

  • If a dancer fails to complete their routine they may be allowed to start over (re-dance) but may not receive a mark (does not apply to novice category dancers); unless the stop in performance is caused by a technical error.

  • Adjudicators’ decisions are final. No communication of any kind, with the adjudicators, is permitted by teachers, students, parents, spectators or anyone else except Breakthru Dance Challenge team members.

  • Breakthru Dance Challenge Inc. reserves the right to use any pictures and/or performance footage as advertisement/promotional material.

  • No flash photography or video taping of any kind is permitted during performances. It is dangerous to our performers, as well as violating choreography copyright laws. Studios will receive online copies of all their teams’ performances with all three judge's commentary courtesy of Video Judge.

  • Courteous backstage etiquette and positive sportsmanship are mandatory.

  • Dressing rooms are to be shared by all competitors (even if they are assigned) and must be treated respectfully. Anyone found vandalizing or abusing venue property will be disqualified and charged damage fees.

  • Props that are deemed dangerous (ie. Knives, pyrotechnics, swords, cap guns) are strictly prohibited.

  • No liquid substances, glitter, or confetti are permitted in any routine.

  • Due to insurance limitations, we do not currently allow aerial apparatus entries to compete at BDC events.